EPC Blockchain aims to empower the general public to invest into Energy Efficiency as well as Renewable Energy projects. Leveraging on our patent pending solution for the use of blockchain technology, the company will enable investments regardless of quantum to meet the pressing needs to mitigate climate change. With a team of experienced energy professionals and as aggregator of projects, EPC Blockchain offers the possibility of monetizing carbon credits from energy projects which will benefit small project developers. 

Empowering the masses

to mitigate climate change

Blockchain Energy Savings Consortium


Our Vision

What We Do

The company has developed middlewares to leverage the use of blockchain technology for use in the energy sector to record keep the energy saved and energy generated from energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The company further uses blockchain technology to record keep energy investments as part of its efforts to crowdfund energy projects to empower the masses to mitigate climate change

Blockchain Energy Savings Consortium

Our Services

Crowdfunding facilitation the company provides facilitation services to help building owners and/or project developers fund raise through crowdfunding methods. This method aims to provide an alternative method to finance energy projects as well as to involve the general public to help mitigate climate change.

Carbon monetization

Individual companies often struggle to monetize the carbon credits generated from the energy efficiency or renewable energy projects that they implement due to the relatively small amount of credits that can be generated from the projects. The small amounts make it economically unattractive to undertake the necessary paperwork to certify the carbon emissions to enable the final sale of the credits. Blockchain Energy Savings Consortium (BESC) acts as an aggregator to collect projects that are similar in nature and ensures that projects comply to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol to reduce the certification cost of credits to allow the monetization of a previously lost avenue for revenue.

In The News

8 Interesting Malaysian Crypto Startups to Watch in 2020

April 14, 2020

BESC featured in Remitano Forum

Using Blockchain to tackle climate change

December 01, 2019

Interview. Published on the Responsible Business 4.0 - TheEdge (November 2019).

UCTS to develop pilot solar blockchain microgrid system

July 21, 2019

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the university and the consortium partners comprising Gabungan Binaan Jurutenaga Sdn Bhd, Samdo Smart Solar Sdn Bhd and EPC Blockchain Sdn Bhd.

Malaysia’s EPC Blockchain Wins $250k Grant from National Commercial Tech Platform

May 31, 2019

EPC Blockchain Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian company committed to mitigating global climate change through the ProximaX-powered Blockchain Energy Savings Consortium (BESC), has been granted RM1,032,045 (US$250,000) funding by PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn. Bhd. to further its project.

Asia Blockchain Review presents Malaysia Landscape Report

October 17, 2018

In the next discussion, Mr. Tan Lim Soon Fu, CTO of EPC Blockchain Sdn Bhd, shared about “Monetisation of Energy Data with Blockchain”, where he presented on blockchain applications towards energy savings.

October 17, 2018

First to pitch their solution was EPC Blockchain which aims to monetise carbon credits from energy projects to benefit small project developers. The chief technology officer, Tan Lim Soon Fu explained how the platform works. “Using distributed ledgers to track energy generated and saved and the carbon emission, we can aggregate carbon credits from companies, help them monetise on that and do the settlement.”

7 Cool Blockchain Projects Made Right Here in Malaysia

September 24, 2018

Bankrolled by 1337 Ventures, BESC run by EPC Blockchain is a new startup that aims to encourage the masses to mitigate climate change by allowing crowdfunding for energy-saving projects collectively, while on the corporate side, give monetary incentives for small and large corporations to reduce energy consumption.

NEM Hosted Inaugural Merdeka Hackathon

September 15, 2018

in the hackathon, as well companies and sponsors such as UEM Sunrise Bhd, IRIS Corporation Bhd, , AIA Bhd, Morpheus Labs, Parlo Tours and BESC. The companies presented their use cases and business challenges while students and lecturers of participating educational institutions worked hand-in-hand to solve them with blockchain applications and solutions.

The living lab

September 02, 2018

EPC Blockchain aims to empower the public to invest in energy efficiency as well as renewable energy projects. Leveraging on patent-pending solutions for the use of blockchain technology, the company will enable investments regardless of quantum to meet the pressing needs to mitigate climate change.

Cyberjaya 21 years on

August 23, 2018

As for its current cohort, Najib highlights EPC Blockchain as one of the interesting start-ups that offer the possibility of monetising carbon credits from energy projects as well as to allow fundraising of energy projects through alternative models such as equity crowdfunding.

Focused approach to supporting startups

August 19, 2018

According to Cyberview Sdn Bhd acting head of Technology Hub Development Division Siti Shafinaz Mohd Salim, its accelerator programme has been curating startups that are more matured and are looking for a testbed to pilot their product.

Meanwhile, EPC Blockchain uses blockchain technology to help customers track their energy consumption for better transparency.

Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator focuses on fintech, IoT, robotics

The five startups participating in the latest instalment of the CLLA Programme are Fintech players EPC Blockchain, Medkad, and CheQQme; IoT solutions provider Touchless; and Ideasparq Robotics, an automation company which provides robotics solutions.

July 05, 2018

In a nutshell…

Also known by the name EPC Blockchain, BESC’s mission statement sets out to tackle a bold and serious problem: climate change. By incentivising the general public to invest into energy efficient and renewable energy products, they hope to mitigate the destructive effects of climate change.

3 Accelerators Joined Khazanah To Mentor 30 Fresh Ideas, Here're The Winning Startups

May 14, 2018

  • The Khazanah Nasional Entrepreneurship Outreach Programme (KNEO) concluded yesterday,where 86 startups from around Malaysia took part in 28 weeks of intense bootcamping and training.

  • Yesterday, the programme held its demo day where 12 finalists out of the remaining 30 were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas on stage for the chance to receive further mobilisation funding.


April 08, 2018

What is BESC? BESC or known as EPC Blockchain is a recently startup blockchain based organization that is funded by 1337 Ventures. They aims to empowering the masses to mitigate climate change through enabling more investments into energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. They have recently have won the award as a Top 3 of TNB Blockchain Hackathon.

Top 3 Winners of TNB Blockchain Hackathon (Pitching Day)

April 01, 2018

ICON Hackathon Series started in mid 2017 as an internal hackathon event for TNB staff. Now TNB has opened up the opportunity for other companies to participate under ICON Hackathon Series.

Crypto & Blockchain in Malaysia: Communities, Companies and Associations in Malaysia You Should Know

March 27, 2018

Cryptocurrency groups in Malaysia that promote adoption of cryptocurrencies as payment and adoption of its blockchain platform. They are considered ambassadors – some of them are even formally appointed by the core group and received funding for marketing purposes. You can contact them to know more about what they do.


February 25, 2018

The 10 startups selected by 1337 Ventures are BESCCTHhelpGrub CycleFoodbikeMalaysian Aquaponics Research CentreResermySave4DreamSyncUnwrappd and Kravve.co.

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