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Net Zero Energy Kick Start Programme

To help organisations to start their net zero emissions journey with measurement, reporting & verification (MRV) technology platform and training support.

The programme consists of:

  1. Understanding the scope of carbon neutrality with training courses and starting the capacity building workshop with emissions baseline measurement.

  2. Achieving energy savings with Energy Management Gold Standard (EMGS) endorsed and certified by MGTC.

  3. Join BESC for scope 1 (EV charging) & 2 (EE/RE) emissions reduction project integration.

  4. Subscribe to MGTC’s LCOS carbon management platform for managing emissions scopes reporting.

  5. Participate in globally recognized standard, ISO 14064-3 to verify the actual reductions in carbon emissions and certified by BSI.


  • Pledge to the net zero target & timeline

  • Form a working committee to drive and monitor 

SBTi's Corporate Net-Zero Standard - The SBTi’s Net-Zero Standard provides the guidance and tools companies need to set science-based net-zero targets.



  • Understand & define the emissions boundaries 

  • Identify the energy (scope 2 emissions) reductions strategy and action plan

  • Implement energy saving with energy efficiency (EE) and/or renewable energy (RE) projects


There are zero upfront Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy project investments available in the market through Energy Performance Contract or Solar leasing model.

For our supporting partners on certificate bodies, training providers, energy service companies (ESCO) or solar service providers can refer to below



  • Conduct energy audit & establish energy baseline

  • Starting data collection & measurement

  • Report & disclose emissions data 

Organisations should participate in the Energy Management Gold Standard (EMGS) certification while implementing the energy saving with energy efficiency (EE) and/or renewable energy (RE) projects for conducting the energy audit & establish energy baseline.​

Blockchain Energy Savings Consortium (BESC) is a blockchain based measurement, reporting & verification (MRV) platform for energy generation, energy use, energy reductions and avoided CO2 emissions for any electrical equipment that is managed by an energy management system in industries, buildings or homes. BESC is a private-permissioned consortium-based blockchain to enable energy project owners to keep track of their energy savings (energy efficiency) and/or energy generation (renewable energy) and able to provide shared- savings incentives and/or payment settlement via blockchain network.​

MGTS's LCOS, Low Carbon Operating System is a cloud-based carbon management platform designed specifically to help Corporates and SMEs easily measure, manage and mitigate their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.



  • Validate the emissions reporting with standard compliance

  • Get an independent third-party auditor to verify and certify for recognition


Reducing these emissions is key to addressing climate change and meeting Malaysia’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.
Carbon Auditing is to validate the emissions reporting with standard compliance such as GHG Protocol or ISO 14064.
Third party independent report assurance provides an objective verification of your sustainability / ESG report. Assessments are normally conducted in accordance with the globally recognized ISO 14064-3:2019.



  • Use the recognition for legal disclosure or corporate sustainability reporting

  • Do carbon offsetting- Beyond Value Chain Mitigation (BVCM) by carbon credits trading.

Let's Start Together

To kick start your net zero journey, collaborating with partners are the pillars under the programme. These partners are from the government agencies and industry players; they provide the support and guidance to organisations for how to commit to credible climate targets and take meaningful action against these goals.

Below are our programme supporting partners, please do contact each directly for more information:

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