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Introduction to BESC 

BESC is a private-permissioned consortium-based blockchain [Platform as a Service (PaaS)] to enable energy project owners to keep track of their energy savings (energy efficiency) and/or energy generation (renewable energy) and able to provide shared- savings incentives and/or payment settlement via blockchain network.


BESC employs decentralized storage (IPFS) to store the energy performance data and uses smart contract to perform transaction settlement. With the data stored on the blockchain network, which is immutable and secured, the energy data can be converted into the carbon emission data.  The independent third-party auditor can use the collected data for verification and certification of the carbon emissions saving to produce the certification for the purpose of carbon credit trading.


The investors can fund the project through Open Green Fund (OGF) with the purchase of the security tokens (OGF token) in exchange for the stake of the project interest repayment interest returns.


Project Crowdfunding


Energy Performance


Transaction Settlement

Benefits to join BESC

Benefits to join BESC


CO2 Monetization

  • Possible monetization of CO2 credits.

  • Notarized CERs for carbon emission savings and RECs for clean energy.

  • Fund raising of Solar PV/Energy Efficiency project though blockchain based crowdfunding.

  • Lower IT infrastructure capital expenditure.

  • Automated measurement and verification of data for corporate sustainable reporting and mandate to ESG framework.

  • Survivability of Energy Data (Tool to comply to ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System Certification, ISO 14064 - GHG - Greenhouse Gas Emissions, ISO 50001 - EnMS - Energy Management Systems)  

Who should join BESC

Getting Started


Step 1

Sign up with our KYC form to become a member and accept the agreement with signature digitally.

BESC Forum and Help Center

Find answers, ask questions, and connect with our community of  BESC consortium members from around the world.
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